Based in the surf town of Torquay at the start of Victoria’s Great Ocean rd, Seeley Architects have developed a fascinating portfolio of projects that are both responsive to their client’s individual needs, along with the opportunities and constraints of their property, with the presumption that sustainable principles, and an exacting attention to the merest details are all elements that result in buildings that will endure and be enhanced by time.

Seeley Architects are typically inspired by the landscape in which a building will be set and then considers which materials and forms will resonate with those conditions so that house and setting can 'sing' together.  

The practise is continually exploring the techniques and materials – often utilising Australian timbers and stone - that will deliver the most beautiful possible buildings.

Seeley Architects have developed a repertoire and understanding of ever-improving sustainable and energy efficient technologies, including photovoltaic electricity, water harvesting, grey water recycling and low energy hot water systems. Some of our homes have even adopted more exotic solutions such as geothermal heating systems.

Yet, as much as they are practical and comfortable and visually delightful to look at and be in, Seeley-designed buildings have been described by architectural critics as “approaching the poetic”.  Certainly a badge we wear with honour.


The team at Seeley Architects have in excess of 25 years experience in architecture and building, with a wide variety of experiences to draw upon.

With foundation disciplines in landscape design and then as a building contractor, David Seeley undertook a major turn in his career trajectory, by completing a degree in architecture at Geelong's Deakin University in the 90's.

This long route of 'learning by doing' gives David and his specialist architectural practice an unusually holistic aesthetic and decidedly practical approach to the design of high quality and usually remarkable residential, commercial, educational and public buildings, and their environs


Our design approach has been acknowledged through a number of professional and industry awards including being published in both Australian and international magazines and websites.

The beautiful Citriodora House in Anglesea was showcased in The Age (Melbourne) and described as ‘leading the push’ in quality architecture along the Surf Coast.

While peer and public recognition is pleasing, the long-standing and ongoing relationships formed with clients are equally if not more satisfying and is evident in the fact that we continue to work with a number of clients on an ongoing basis, including several repeat commissions.

in 2014, Seeley Architects placed  in the top 3 Victorian practises for the prestigious A.R.B.V Architects Services Awards. This is the second time in the 7 years that they have placed highly for this award, a testament to the attention and level of service they provide their clients.